Troubles Sleeping


Hi, I have a 2 year old who is having troubles sleeping. He has always been a great sleeper since he was born and 6 weeks ago it all changed. He hates sleeping in his bedroom, even if we are there to get him to sleep. When he wakes up during the night he screams the house down and comes out of his room and into mine. For 6 weeks I’ve been up and down during the night putting him back to bed, even some nights sleeping beside him. Any advice on how to resolve this problem would be much appreciated!


Honestly, mine have both gone through phases of getting out of bed a lot in the night, and we have always let them come into our bed. Fortunately, it has never lasted long, but in my opinion 2 years old is still just a baby, if they need the extra comfort at night, let them have it. If he was previously a good sleeper then it could possibly be teeth if he doesn’t yet have his back molars, my 23 month old has been struggling with those recently, so I feel your pain! Do whatever you got to do to get some sleep, and don’t worry about creating bad habits, I promise you he won’t be 16 and still sleeping in your bed!


You could try doing something in his room which he can get excited about? Like some new bits for the room that he has picked out himself, or some lovely new bedding that he’s chosen? x


If he’s having naps throughout the day, I’d try to keep him awake till around half 6/7, a nice bath and reading a book helped my little boy to sleep and a good routine might take a while to get him into it but it’s worth a try x


Hopefully it’s just a phase. I’d keep firm but reassuring. Keep putting him back to his bed.

I used to put a stair gate on MY bedroom door so that our 2 year old couldn’t come into our room in the night. He soon stopped bothering getting out of bed to stand at my gate :slight_smile: