Transgender nurses


So apparently the NHS are happy to send biological men complete with stubble (and presumably meat and two veg) to do smear tests for women.

Over. My. Dead. Body.

No chance would I allow that. I said the same thing on another forum and got lynched! Would you allow it? Tell me I’m not the only one.


I hope you don’t get kicked off - it would be nice to have the freedom to discuss these issues seeing as though they seem so mainstream these days!

I think the problem starts when a women, who for whatever reason, would like to request to be seen by a woman, is unable to say that. Then there really is a problem. With things as personal as smear tests etc we need to feel comfortable and if you want a woman doing it then that is totally your prerogative and you shouldn’t be made to feel bad by having to object to someone who clearly isn’t a woman - no matter what gender they assign to.


Are you still from the Victorian era?! Health professionals are here to help whether female or male, they are there to do a job, irrespective of their sexuality. If you were in a critical condition, you wouldn’t care what gender your nurse or doctor was as long as you were being treated by a professional. I’ve had many routine proceedures and examinations by both female and male doctors and did it bother me? NO! So why should a transgender nurse or doctor be a problem??


First of all, a man who thinks he is a woman is clearly mentally ill and I’m not sure they should be in a job like that.

Secondly, I totally reserve the right to have a fellow woman examine me. Patient choice is important.


Don’t want to go off on a tangent but have you seen that Hannah Mouncey? The 6 foot 2, 16 stone bloke who thinks he’s a woman and will be playing in the female Aussie rules league?


WOW!! I just looked this up. How on earth can that be fair to the women he is playing with? Men have a totally different physical make up!