To have a third child?


I already have two kids (3.5 and nearly 2) and can’t fight off the urge of wanting a third! I’ve been lucky so far to have relatively easy pregnancies, straightforward births and ‘good’ babies, so this might be why I have been lulled into a false sense of security that we could cope with another🙈 The reasons against are purely financial/practical- at the moment my two have a bedroom each, if we had another two of them would have to share, plus we would need a bigger car and things like abroad holidays would become a much less attainable.
I swing backwards and forth between desperately wanting another and feeling ok with just concentrating on our two and giving them as much as we can.Has anyone been in a similar situation and how have you made the decision?


I’d say, you will never regret a child you do have, but you may regret not having another one :wink: My sister had exactly the same worries and now she has three gorgeous little ones and couldn’t be happier. Good luck!! x


The step from 2 children to 3 was definitely harder than I expected! Although I am exhausted, I love all of my kids and wouldn’t change a thing! I think that you’d definitely regret not having another if that’s what you really want! Plus, all mums seem to find a way of coping because we want the best for our beautiful children and want to enjoy having them!
Maybe you should just wait it out a bit and see how you feel in a couple months time? If you’re not 100% sure then maybe it’s not smart to rush into it!
Hope it all works out x