Nappy not keeping him dry!


Help please!!
My little boy is 5 weeks old and I often find that his back is all wet and it’s clearly leaking up from his nappy. I am sure it’s on properly and I’m changing him as regularly as I should be. Could it be anything to do with the type or brand of nappy? If you can offer any advice at all that would be so welcome xx


My little one is a size bigger than her current weight so it might be worth just getting a pack in the next size up just to see? Worth a try? x


We had leaking nappies most nights for 6 months. No joke. We tried every brand going and the best were pampers baby dry but even they still leaked eventually.
What did the trick for us was moving up a size in vests so there was more room for the nappy to expand as it became full. Hope this helps! x