Going on holiday with a 14 month old 🙂


Hello! We are planning a holiday to France with our baby who will be 14 months old. It’s the first time going abroad so I’m a bit nervous.

Is there any advice or tips that would help?

Thank you! x


Oh that’s exciting! I hope you have a brilliant time.
Make sure you have a really good lightweight buggy that they can sleep in comfortably. A sun shade is a must! Lots to do in the airport if you are flying and a good hat which will cover the neck too. x


Hi there! I’d say definitely don’t board first, your little one will hate sitting still on your lap for so long and getting on board first just increases the time you have to spend on the plane. I would also say before you board, make sure you get to the gate in plenty of time and let the little one run around to try and tire them out a bit before the journey. Lots of snacks are always a good idea too. Also, ask them to tag your pram to be returned to the gate when you land, otherwise it’s a long walk!

Actually on holiday, I’d make sure you take a few of your little ones favourite books and toys. The all in one swimsuits with uv protection, and hats are great. Maybe a blow up swim seat for the pool. Probably take some extra snacks if you feel strongly about lo having ‘baby’ snacks like organix because we have not found them easy to buy in the past.


Lots and lots of snacks for when you are travelling!!

Don’t worry too much about your usual routine, especially if it is warmer than little one is used to, you may find they have much longer naps or a later bedtime- just relax and go with the flow.

The best tip I have though-If you are flying, you can place an order with boots for nappies, baby food, wipes, suncream, anything you need really, and have it ready to collect in departures once you have gone through security- this way it doesn’t count as part of your luggage allowance!

Have a great time☺️



My main advise would be to take things easy avoid stressful planning and book somewhere with all the baby equipment and toys etc specially geared up to take babies.

Our place is perfect in South West France a sunny area easily reachable